Mobile Grooming Services

Bath services include

  • Pet Consultation
  • Nail Trim
  • Ears cleaned and hair removed
  • Thorough brush and comb out
  • Pads and sanitary trim
  • Warm hydro massage bath with a shampoo tailored to your dogs skin and coat needs
  • Full blow dry
  • Bandanas and Cologne

Styling service

  • Includes all bath services
  • Breed specific/ custom hair cuts

A la carte

  • Nail grinding
  • Brush/ demat/ scissor (1hr)
  • Brush / demat/ scissor (15 min)
  • Tooth brushing
  • Hair chalking/ color accents (ROYGBIV)
  • FURminator shampoo
  • FURminator conditioner
  • Special handling
  • Nourishing conditioner
  • Special shampoo
    • De-oderize shampoo
    • Flea shampoo
    • Oatmeal shampoo

Why Mobile Grooming?

  • Convenient services at your home which saves you delivery and pick up trips to the groomer
  • No exposure to other dogs, diseases , or loud noises
  • Eliminates car sick rides or the hindrance of getting dogs in and out of the car
  • One on one professional pet care, no noises or distractions during the grooming process
  • Limited separation anxiety
  • Eliminates cage drying , mobile groomers use force dryers which remove alot of dead hair and skin
  • Perfect solution for older or sick dogs that physically cannot handle the stress of a trip to the groomer.
  • Your dog receives individual, one-on-one attention for the entire duration of the grooming session.

Super dog packages

(save$ when you combine a la carte)

  • Tooth brush/ special shampoo
  • Tooth brush/ nail grind/ special shampoo
  • FURminator large or small dog
    • with hair cut
    • with nail grind
    • with nail grind and haircut

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